PCDs for dental handpieces

PCD for internal cleaning test

  • Stainless steel cannula
  • Lumen Diameter 0.7 mm
  • Standardized test soil contamination


PCD for external cleaning test

  • Stainless steel case
  • Structure/geometry of surface/weight comparable to real dental handpieces
  • Standardized test soil contamination

SDS-Flacons 5 ml for the extraction of real instruments

Protein analysis of the solution in the laboratories of SMP GmbH


Protein analysis

In addition to the production of the test devices, we can provide third-party, quality-assured analysis of the residual amount of protein left on the PCD after reprocessing. Investigations are done in triplicate using a modified OPA assay for spectrophotometric determination.

In the case of elevated readings, a BCA assay and hemoglobin test are performed to exclude interferences, e.g. caused by residues of cleaning chemistry.

Our quality-assurance system is accredited to ISO 17025, which guarantees the high quality standard of these products and their analysis