Qualification of chemical and biological sterilization Indicators per ISO 11138 and ISO 11140

SMP‘s ISO 18472-compliant steam resistometer permits the investigation of indicators and their qualification per ISO 11138-1 and -3 and ISO 11140-1. A resistometer is also called a BIER/CIER* vessel, and is a specially-designed sterilizer with programmable process variables. Sterilization temperatures up to 145°C can be reached, the plateau phase can be adjusted in steps of seconds as well as the come-up and evacuation times in the pre-conditioning phase. All parameters can be adjusted following the normative requirements

*BIER/CIER = Biological Indicator Evaluator Resistometer / Chemical Indicator Evaluator Resistometer

Services offered:

  • Testing and qualification of chemical indicators class 1 – 5 according to ISO 11140
  • Testing of biological indicators according to ISO 11138-1 and -3
  • Determination of D-values and z-values
  • Investigation of the deactivation kinetics of microorganisms on different surfaces
  • Determination of thermal resistance of microorganisms
  • Evaluation of material behavior in the temperature range from 90°C to 145°C
  • Artificial aging at elevated temperatures